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Advocates of white power identify each, in distinct ways, as existential threats, understanding each to be participants in a deeper conspiracy against the white race (sometimes glossed more culturally as the West or Western civilization).
34) The term color, according to the Mississippi Supreme Court, did not and was not meant to include or refer to the skin color of members of the white race.
1 ranking with an easy victory in the white race at Pre-Nats.
Witnessing Whiteness: First Steps Toward an Antifascist Practice and Culture" is an exploration of the stigma that the white race carries in some fields, especially those issues dealing with race.
Published in 1995 and a source of controversy ever since, this is a significant part of Ignatiev's stated agenda to abolish the white race.
White privilege is defined as unearned benefits, which in our society are determined by light skin color and the White race.
Ah, that's a lie," she said, and began spewing nonsense about the white race.
120), but their victory was celebrated as one of the Italian race, not the white race.
Gobineau and Knox harnessed the supposed infallibility of science to claim that inter-racial unions were acts against nature and that their biologically inferior offspring would cause the genetic and moral downfall of the white race.
The survival of the white race, Regnery says, "depends upon our people marrying, reproducing and parenting.
The author tells us that in 1854, and again in 1860, Lincoln contended that the Negro race was inferior to the White race, and in 1858 he confessed that slavery had always been a "minor question" to him until the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act which produced "Bleeding Kansas.
Wright ([1912] 1969) states, "the 'Negro problem'--that condition which is peculiar to Negroes, and common to them--is rather found in the attitude of the White race toward the Negro; an attitude of majority which seeks to shut out a minority from the enjoyment of the whole social and economic life.
What all of the inhabitants in these areas had in common, Huntington asserted, was a certain "tropical inertia," a state of mind and physical constitution that sapped men's virility, engendered backwardness and disease, and contributed to the degeneration of the white race.
nation meant a shift from viewing Irish-Americans as Celts, a race culturally, linguistically, and biologically distinct from British Anglo-Saxons, to seeing them as members of the white race and the (white) U.
The 14 words that gave the company its name are: 'We must ensure a future for the white race and also for our children.