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a form of socialism featuring racism and expansionism and obedience to a strong leader

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The American news agency claimed that it assisted the six photographers, whom the Nazis claimed were Jewish, to escape Nazi Germany and that all survived the Holocaust.
In April 2009, the University of Vermont hosted its fifth Miller Symposium (symposia established to honour the legacy of Holocaust Scholar, Raul Hilberg), which focused on German law during the Nazi regime.
The following day Aston Villa faced a German X1 and received the same Foreign Office advice to placate Hitler and his cohorts but to the enormous chagrin of the Foreign Office, the Nazi party and government-controlled Nazi media, Jimmy Hogan's boys in claret and blue refused and just to rub it in won the game 3-2.
And for more than a dozen years, countless Germans had been proud members of the Nazi party and followers of the Fuhrer.
The Nazis attempted to emphasize that their antisemitism equated with anti-Zionism to appeal to the Moslems of Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and North Africa.
So, much as I dislike the swastika and the Nazi symbol, I know that this person has a right under both of our federal and state constitutions to display them on property he owns.
That is why understanding the power of the cinema in the Nazi state is so important.
But the Nazis believed what they said, and did what they promised to do: to exterminate people they considered the uniquely threatening embodiments of evil.
I could hear only snippets of their speeches, which droned on about immigration and the Zionist Occupied Government, as I was among the crowd of about 1,000 counter-protesters, throatily booing the Nazis.
Alongside and often at odds with the party-political radicalism of the Nazis and the Communists, a neighborhood-based, frequently violent radical culture developed which functioned according to its own rules (p.
Lynn Nicholas's first book on a Holocaust-related subject, Rape of Europa, won awards and helped change history: it intensified the search for art looted by the Nazis.
It was the end an eight-year legal battle with the Austrian government to return artwork looted by the Nazis, five paintings by Gustav Klimt including the portraits of Adele Bloch-Bauer, the idealized vision of feminine beauty and elegant intellectuality.
The chief defence of the Pope's supporters was that open attacks by the Pope on the Nazis would merely intensify the killing of more Jews, and that therefore