divine right of kings

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the doctrine that kings derive their right to rule directly from God and are not accountable to their subjects

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In this country the Tories would like to repeal the Human Rights Act, but at the same time they believe in the divine right of unelected monarchs to carry out any amount of atrocities against their subjects with no questions asked and fly flags at half mast on our public buildings in memory of tyrants.
We no longer believe in the medieval doctrine of the divine right of kings.
And wasn't the last Stuart king kicked out in 1688 by popular acclaim for being too despotic and continuing to believe in the divine right to rule even after the country had fought a bitter civil war to get rid of such nonsense.
If you buy into the hogwash of the divine right of kings, then you should also buy into the fact that insignificant trolls like us have no right to question such a system.
The divine right of the king to be obeyed blindly, which is what Weigel is claiming for George W.
Cardiff City Football Club does not have the divine right to beat teams because they are bottom of the league,' he said.
Before the Democratic or Republican parties took shape, and even before Federalists and Anti-Federalists assembled their forces, the politics of the United States was defined by a party of revolution against the royal prerogative, the divine right of kings, and the corruptions of empire associated with unfettered monarchs.
Theism was thereby perpetuated, along with other aspects of the supernatural, making way as time went on for the often brutal institutional authority of the church, the doctrine of the divine right of kings, male dominance, and the exploitation of Earth's resources.
The Divine Right of Capital: Dethroning the Corporate Aristocracy by Marjorie Kelly [Berrett Koehler]