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a native or resident of Wisconsin


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But the Wisconsinite's truest heirs were of a more radical bent--people like his sons, Bob Jr.
The Wisconsinites who live in waterfront communities and the many businesses that rely on healthy waterfronts need better, faster solutions to address these growing water quality challenges.
Madisonians, the Wisconsinites of a newly red state, were bafflingly joyous as they protested gun laws that allow the indiscriminate slaughter of schoolchildren.
According to the Farm Bureau, a recent public opinion poll found that 72 percent of the Wisconsinites surveyed said they would support a state ethanol fuel requirement, with 22 percent opposed.
Baritono also describes in some depth the Wisconsinites' social philosophy, which, like the founding document of the American Economic Association in 1885, championed an active state as "one of the indispensable conditions of human progress" (p.