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the chief executive department of the United States government


the government building that serves as the residence and office of the President of the United States

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The 1600 Penn section is a content-rich resource for learning about the US government, the Whitehouse, and the presidency.
Helen also set in pictures of a Girls' Guild outing to Baginton in 1922, as well as a photo which captures the view from the window at the Whitehouse family home overlooking a Girls' Guild band practice in Spencer Park, Earlsdon.
The 19th century prejudices of the Whitehouse mob would not be tolerated in teaching in our neighbouring nation of Holland.
The Whitehouse 22lb 6oz carp fell for a whiffy cheese bait, soaked overnight in anchovy fillets after a tip from the park bailiff.
The new Industrial Coatings RBU customer support function will adopt the systems and practices of the Whitehouse site's "Call Center," which provides one-stop shopping for BASF customers and sales representatives for order placement and management, technical assistance and other service related matters.
By far the most damaging aspect of the Whitehouse defection is the light it sheds on an internal Liberal Democrat row over whether the party should back the historian and radio personality Dr Carl Chinn as an Independent candidate for elected mayor of Birmingham.