white man's burden

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the supposed responsibility of the white race to provide care for their non-white subjects

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Therefore, Orientalism augments the concept of the White Man's Burden, which thrives off such stereotypes and reinforces colonising or occupying the Orient.
The white man's burden has become the Muslim world's mess.
Section III outlines problems with foreign aid identified in The White Man's Burden and scrutinizes Easterly's solutions for ending poverty.
Less effort is expended on Aids prevention than on treating the disease, according to William Easterly in his book The White Man's Burden (CUP/Penguin Press 2006).
This was around the time that Rudyard Kipling was advising Europeans to "take up the white man's burden.
To them, devolved government and multi-party politics are normal; it is government from London and sustained one-party domination of Wales that will increasingly come to be as alien to them as the Age of Empire and the White Man's Burden are to us.
In his important new book, The White Man's Burden, William Easterly estimates that advanced industrialized countries gave one trillion dollars in official development assistance (measured in constant 1985 dollars) to poor countries between 1950 and 1995.
They knew of colonization, the white man's burden, and the doctrine of white supremacy.
Which poet wrote the poem The White Man's Burden in 1899?
An Islamic version of the White Man's Burden evolved in the 20th century: a "Muslim's burden" that sought both to defend the "House of Islam" from what was perceived as militant secularism and militant Jewish nationalism.
The real-life Harlan displayed scant interest in taking up the white man's burden.
Almost every imperial outpost however arid, contained at least one Stanford student taking up the white man's burden of instructing lesser musical breeds (From 1933 to 1956 the New South Wales Conservatorium's directorship stayed uniniterruptedly in these students' hands.