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a company that is a friendly acquirer in a takeover

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After a number of shakeout flights, the White Knight Two is to be outfitted with the now-under-construction Space Ship Two.
Once resolved, the white knight will fade anonymously into the background.
The court also held that the break-up fees paid to the white knight were deductible as a business expense under section 162, noting that "costs incurred to defend a business against attack are ordinary and necessary expenses.
In addition, 2006 saw the launch of four new Don & Sons brands - Plungerhead, Hey Mambo, The White Knight, and Gino da Pinot, all of which became part of winery's The Other Guys sales portfolio.
The ``Looking Glass'' cast includes Steve Allen (who wrote the music) as the Gentleman in the Paper Suit, Ernest Borgnine as the Lion, Lloyd Bridges as the White Knight, Carol Channing as the White Queen, Harvey Korman as the White King and Jonathan Winters as Humpty-Dumpty.
Working in a spirit of common cause, the white knight grew to trust the board of directors of the cooperative and agreed that although Somerset owned the majority of the shares, it allowed the resident shareholders to continue to govern their cooperative.
The likelihood of overbidding is increased by the white knight's position in the sequential bidding process: by definition, white knights are participants in competitive acquisitions involving more than one bidder, and the white knight enters the contest subsequent to the first bidder's attempt.
The acquisition of the target by the white knight was approved by the target's board of directors and shareholders.
The Other Guys," the yearling sales division of Don Sebastiani & Sons, today announced the addition of two new brands -- The White Knight and Gino Da Pinot -- to its sales portfolio.
Betsy and Linda Lou were Dennis Adler's first loves, before the White Knight, the smokin' silver Camaro and the Horse With No Name rode into his life and changed it forever.
In a corporate control contest for the acquisition of a target, the white knight bid is different from those made by hostile bidders.
Attached beneath a turbojet aircraft called the White Knight, the X-37 took off from the Mojave Airport at 6:30 a.
After being released by the White Knight, the carrier aircraft, SpaceShipOne's test pilot, Mike Melvill, fired the rocket motor at the planned altitude and the rocket motor then propelled SpaceShipOne to over 328,000 feet in approximately 80 seconds, flying near Mach 5.
Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites company, the designer and builder of the White Knight and SpaceShipOne, was hired by Boeing, X-37's prime contractor, for the X-37 flight tests.
The Gentex helmets and masks will be used on both the White Knight and SpaceShipOne.