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the mother of Jesus

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And howl he did, like a lone gray timber wolf, till the Virgin thrust her pretty fingers in her ears and shivered.
Very visibly the power behind the whole project was Richard Branson, then 33, and already the highly successful entrepreneur behind the Virgin record group.
I suspected that he also had one of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
Analysts question the potential popularity of the Virgin brand in the United States, even before they point to the size of Coke and Pepsico Inc.
Gerson attributes to the Virgin the dignity of being both a "partner" and a "cause" of human salvation.
For comparison purposes the TPO based blends used Vistaflex 911B as the TPO material having similar hardness and modulus to the virgin ETPE.
To each of the virgin HDPEs, Good also added commingled PE reclaim of different densities and melt indexes.
The Virgin Atlantic Airways - SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information.
The founder of the Virgin Group used the opportunity to unveil plans to run trains every 20 minutes between Manchester and London by 2008, the highest frequency anywhere in the world for a journey of more than 200 miles on a route used by more than one operator.
When combined with the company's Gravitrol system, which gravimetrically controls the virgin feed rate, the new Gravifluff system is said to provide accurate control of the scrap-to-virgin ratio in both monoextrusion and coextrusion lines.
Due to strict business demands, it was essential that the installation was seamless and didn't impact the day-to-day running of the Virgin Radio network systems.
The virgin layers add strength to the potentially weaker PCR layer and, to some degree, act as a barrier to protect the contents of the container from possible contaminants that might be in the PCR.
Text Adventure program gives Virgin Mobile subscribers a chance to have some fun leading up to Valentine's Day and, in the process, form a more lasting connection with the Virgin Mobile brand.