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ideally perfect state

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a work of fiction describing a utopia

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an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal

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As shown above, The Praise of Wisdom made by Thomas More was conceived as a reverse projection of The Praise of Folly written by Erasmus, as the Utopia of the sages was the counterpart of our world of fools.
The Utopia Field lies 50km southeast of the town of Eromanga, in SW Queensland and contains oil reserves of 3 MMbo (1.
The Utopia Granite is part of the Saint George Plutonic Suite, also known informally as the Saint George batholith, in southern New Brunswick (Fig.
We salute the organizers of Utopia Station for building a new consciousness by fusing the utopias of children and adults, which recognizes the significance of children's dreams and imagination and which will breed new life into the utopias of adults.
When you have the passion to create beer like we do at Samuel Adams, you strive to create something perfect, the ideal beer, better yet, the utopia of beer.
We hope that they may get at the truth about the Utopia and More's conscience.
Chairman David Robb and Captain Harsheim inspect The UTOPIA hull (Photo: Business Wire)
This is a brief description of the main works in the UTOPIA project, a research-based series of exhibitions held in 2008-11 at ARKEN Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.
Sydney, Australia, Jan 18, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Bounty Oil & Gas NL (ASX:BUY) (PINK:BYOGF) announces an update on it's oil development drilling program in the Utopia Field.
Now, the Utopia Station exhibitions have traveled to Munich, Germany, which is the hometown of ICAF's German headquarters
Bejczy's analysis of the Utopia and of Utopia produces curious results.
Our grant application was strong because we've proven the need for the UTOPIA network through the innovative, sustainable model we completed in Brigham City," says Todd Marriott, UTOPIA's Executive Director.
Sydney, Australia, Dec 2, 2010 - (ABN Newswire) - Bounty Oil and Gas NL (ASX:BUY) (PINK:BYOGF) announces that the Utopia 10 oil development well in Utopia Field; PL 214 Eromanga Basin, SW Queensland will spud today.
A group of children from a daycare center in Munich, Germany, shared their ideas of utopia for the Utopia Project, soon to be on display in their city.
But it is a station in a metaphoric sense, too: one arrested moment in an ongoing investigation that has included the Utopia Seminar (part of the graduate program in visual arts at the University of Venice), a weekend gathering in Poughkeepsie, New York, the publication of a journal, Janus, in Belgium, and an ambitious poster project including works by such well-known artists as Marina Abramovic, Fischli & Weiss, Leon Golub, Steve McQueen, Annette Messager, Elizabeth Peyton, Rosemarie Trockel, Thomas Hirschhom, Louise Bourgeois, and Ed Ruscha.