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the Ottoman court in Constantinople

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By the early 1840s, the Sublime Porte, as the Ottoman government in Istanbul had become known, had signed what amounted to one-way free-trade agreements with several of the European powers.
The situation deteriorated so rapidly that by 1854, the Sublime Porte was forced to seek help abroad in the form of a loan raised in London.
The Ottoman sultan's court, or divan, was known in the West as the Sublime Porte.
Mehmed Ali was enthusiastic about Galloway's plans, but Galloway died in 1836, and in 1840, Mehmed Ali's attempts to modernise Egypt and free it from Ottoman control were halted by the British supporters of the Sublime Porte.
Commodore David Porter, America's first diplomatic representative to the Sublime Porte, signed the treaty in Istanbul on October 3, 1831.
While the Topkapi Palace has over the years been the subject of a number of studies, including Abdurrahman Seref's Topkapu Saray-i Humanuni (1910-11), Barnette Miller's Beyond the Sublime Porte (1931), N.
Discarding his New Christian disguise at the court of the Turkish Sultan, he became what Cecil Roth calls "the all-powerful adviser at the Sublime Porte.