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We feel this is a step in the right direction for the State of New Hampshire and its citizens.
24, 1983 under the laws of the State of New Hampshire for the purpose of providing low-cost financial assistance to eligible students or their parents.
The State of New Hampshire, Department of Safety (NHDOS) is seeking proposals to contract with qualified commercial radio stations, advertising agencies or communications consultants to produce and broadcast radio advertisements promoting safe driving practices for drivers operating their vehicles on the States highways in the vicinity of large trucks.
Rising costs of wood, energy and chemicals over the past three years have led to a significant deterioration in the financial results at our pulp mill in Berlin despite the efforts of our employees and the State of New Hampshire to improve the sustainability of the operations," said Dominic Gammiero, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fraser Papers.
Additionally, the Company was recently awarded an "Excellence in Pollution Prevention Award" by the State of New Hampshire and received the governor's award for pollution prevention three times since 1999.
These bonds are rated 'AA', based on Fitch's 'AA' general obligation rating on the State of New Hampshire.
The State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, hereinafter referred to as the DES , intends to pre-qualify firms for the following contract: Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Water Supply Treatment Systems for private and small public water supplies throughout the State of New Hampshire.
org as a venue for exposing what he contends is widespread corruption in the State of New Hampshire.
Bordeleau has composed many works, including "Sesquicentennial Suite" for symphony orchestra for the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, "The Luzon March" for 11th Airborne Division Band during the Korean War and, more recently, "Christmas in New Hampshire," dubbed an official song of the state of New Hampshire in 1974.
degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts--Lowell (formerly Lowell Technological Institute), attended the Indiana University Executive Program in 1989 and 1990, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New Hampshire.
TPL plans to sell a $2 million conservation easement to the state of New Hampshire and sell the land outright to the towns of Randolph and Jefferson.
Conservatives have long held up the state of New Hampshire as a shining example.
Administrators at the State of New Hampshire have supported our endeavors through introductions and referrals for New Hampshire-based suppliers and skilled employees for our Hudson facility.
The Purpose Of This Bid Invitation Is To Establish A Contract(s) For Paging Services To The State Of New Hampshire With Services Indicated In The Scope Of Services And Offer Sections Of This Bid Invitation, In Accordance With The Requirements Of This Bid Invitation And Any Resulting Contract.
March 20, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Michael Gill is a family man and business owner in the state of New Hampshire.
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