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express mail carried by relays of riders on horseback

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But if you wanted it to get there faster, there was the Pony Express, which could get your message from Missouri to San Francisco in about 10 days.
A day before the pony express incident, the owner took the beast into a Wetherspoons pub.
However, rail firm Arriva Trains soon reined him in and refused to allow him to use the Pony Express - despite the owner's nagging.
Hill, the author of several books on western trails, recounts the story of the Pony Express and its 2,000 mile route from Missouri to California.
The Pony Express was set up to deliver post through the hostile territory between St Joseph, Missouri, and the US West Coast.
Although it lasted less than two years, the courage, stamina and resourcefulness of its young riders, careering day and night across prairies, mountains and deserts, heedless of storms, accidents and dangerous Indian country, gave the Pony Express a lasting place in the history and mythology of the Wild West.
In 1860, the Pony Express was implemented as a solution to this problem.
It's not exactly the Pony Express, but we aim to average 20 miles a day.
They were led by Colonel William Frederick Cody - better known as Buffalo Bill - and kept audiences rapt with Indian war dances and scenes from the Wild West, including the Pony Express and Indian stagecoach raids.
1860 - The Pony Express service began, from St Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California.
Some of the original wood panels are protected behind glass in the Pony Express snack bar.
The Pony Express bottles use a multi-layer construction that incorporates a patented oxygen scavenger.
Stakeholders in the Pony Express Brewery near Kansas City say it's only right that the completely farmer-owned venture markets "Americana.
A mere 19 months after it began in 1860, the Pony Express went out of business, having lost $200,000 and several lives.
Jut your chin out a bit at the mountain and answer the question the only way you can: The Pony Express was both.