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express mail carried by relays of riders on horseback

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The Pony Express Pipeline, which was announced in January 1996, extends from the Wind River Basin of Wyoming approximately 900 miles to the Kansas City metropolitan area.
5 hour time to become the fastest per hour rate since the Pony Express began operating.
CARNIVAL: The Pony Express Days carnival, in a lot off Canwood Street east of Kanan Road, will be open today from 5 to 11 p.
The total cost of the Pony Express Pipeline project is estimated to be approximately half the cost of constructing a new pipeline.
We do the Pony Express Relay because we're determined to put an end to breast cancer," added WMF's Gin Shear.
Like The Pony Express 140 years ago, Autobytel is all about connecting people with information to improve their lives.
The Pony Express Pipeline will have the capability of moving 135,000 MMBtu per day out of central Wyoming and 120,000 MMBtu per day out of southwestern Wyoming through the planned Rockport Lateral.
We used to dodge the dinosaurs and the Pony Express, and we're proud of it.
The Rockport Pipeline would be an extension of the Pony Express Pipeline and would run from Sterling to Rockport, Colorado.
Strikers from these four cities will be taking part in the Pony Express Journey for Justice, a five-state bus trip with stops for rallies, protest, and other events that sets off from Pittsburgh later this morning.
Using email to automate paper driven processes delivered great benefits to our industry -- much like the telegraph displaced the pony express for mail delivery," explained Patrick Tisdale, Orrick Chief Information Officer at Orrick.
The Pony Express "rider" will dress in an authentic period costume, including an original wax-sealed letter pouch, as he receives a proclamation from the White House and letters of commemoration from the Department of the Interior and Postmaster General.
Legendary figures from the American West such as Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickok and others of their caliber were among those riders dedicated to ensuring that the Pony Express mail routes were maintained.
The Pony Express brand represents the worlds first delivery brand, and maintains a heritage that dates back to 1860," said Donald L.