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Synonyms for timorous

Synonyms for timorous

timid by nature or revealing timidity

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How closely he came to hitting the target is attested by the popularity of The Pilgrim's Progress, not only in his own day but also for two or three centuries afterward.
Christopher Hill, A Tinker and a Poor Man: John Bunyan and his Church, 1628-1688 (New York 1989), 375; Isabel Hofmeyr, The Portable Bunyan: A Transnational History of The Pilgrim's Progress (Princeton 2004).
In asking this question, I seek to add nuance to some of the excellent research on the topic by Isabel Hofmeyr, as collected in her book The Portable Bunyan: A Transnational History of "The Pilgrim's Progress," and other writers who have explored the appropriation of The Pilgrim's Progress by Africans.
In the central section, five chapters on "Bunyan, the public sphere, and Africa", she discusses African appropriations and (re-)interpretations of, and borrowings from, both the text and illustrations of The pilgrim's progress.
Hence, while recent Bunyan studies have tended to focus on Bunyan as the product and representative of Stuart era nonconformity, Hofmeyr reminds her readers that Bunyan first attained recognition as a figure whose spiritual direction in The Pilgrim's Progress was considered by many to be a transnational prescription for the universal human condition.
Thus, Bunyan's testimony delivered to his congregation in Grace Abounding becomes a universal myth in The Pilgrim's Progress.
THE ladies of Hall Bower Flower Group will celebrate their chapel's 200th anniversary with a weekend Flower Festival based on the Pilgrim's Progress.
ANSWERS: 1 Mull; 2 Immunology; 3 The Mikado; 4 Grosvenor Square; 5 The Holy Roman Empire; 6 Portsmouth; 7 Leicestershire; 8 Tchaikovsky; 9 The Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan; 10 Zara Phillips.
She followed up on her successes with the 1860 publication of Mary Bunyan: The Blind Dreamer's Daughter, a fictionalized account of the persecution of John Bunyan, author of The Pilgrim's Progress.
So, for instance, he declares how Christian Behaviour shows a Bunyan "at peace with himself" who turns memories of psychological turmoil into spiritual lessons for others (161), explains why the ending of The Pilgrim's Progress "represents Bunyan's triumph over the crushing despair of his depressed moods" (241), and posits that the fairly late The Holy War even incorporates occasional spiritual struggle into an overall picture of "robust health, psychologically as well as physically" (425).
An off-duty sergeant and his family were left shocked by the adaptation of The Pilgrim's Progress staged at Godshill Model Village on the Isle of Wight, according to this week's edition of Police Review magazine.
In 1992, Richard sang the lead role in The Pilgrim's Progress, for which he was awarded the Robin Kay Memorial Prize.
Carrey could be describing the pilgrim's progress of Truman Burbank as easily as his own career trajectory.
Luxon argues that Grace A bounding and The Pilgrim's Progress articulate an "anti-hermeneutic theology" (168) adopted by radical sectarians, a theology implicit in Protestant logocentrism.