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a monument commemorating a nation's dead heroes

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The misinformation was so bad that even after Caguioa's dissent, anti-Supreme Court manifestos were still citing the pantheon argument.
The Pantheon Healthcare Group is a platform of independent medical equipment service providers to the public and private healthcare sectors, delivering a set of asset management solutions.
The precise calculations made in the positioning and construction of the Pantheon mean that the size and shape of the beam perfectly matches, down to the last inch, a semicircular stone arch above the doorway.
As a demonstration of the technology as well as a work of history and art in its own right, the PDM GHEOS project creates a three-dimensional reproduction of the Pantheon of Adrian in Rome using existing ruins, illustrations from earlier centuries, and an information system.
AN art sale to raise money for children in need is taking place tomorrow at the Pantheon Art Gallery in Nicosia.
Panmure Gordon stockbrokers said the withdrawal of the Pantheon sale reflected tough markets and the impact of current uncertainty on IFA business.
With the Pantheon in Rome (below) being voted the top free attraction, the National Gallery in London was second and theMuseumof the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham was third in the table compiled by travel website company TripAdvisor.
lens of the Pantheon, we counted the centuries before
The explanation of how the term 'pantheon' came to be used for a structure housing funerary monuments of great men is provided by Susanna Pasquali in the second essay, 'From the pantheon of artists to the pantheon of illustrious men: Raphael's tomb and its legacy' (drawing on her book Il Pantheon, Architettura e antiquaria nel Settecento a Roma, 1996).
Of the Pantheon, Auto Express said: "The smooth four stroke engine is quiet and produces linear power, while the acres of legroom and well damped suspension make it a perfect commuter.
As a distributor and resonator the Pantheon makes form from light, celebrating its duality, separating daylight and sunlight as distinct components of the same force.
Newsreader Shereen was recruited as a guest star in the Pantheon Club's production of Return To The Forbidden Planet, a sci-fi musical.
Part of the Pantheon fairy tale and folklore library, this rich collection is creatively edited and carefully annotated with an additional glossary and listing by motif.
Because the Pantheon database is not specific to a platform, PreView allows anyone to view the Pantheon database and artwork, regardless of platform.
2, Churches, Villas, the Pantheon, Tombs, and Ancient Inscriptions.