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a member of a panel

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she breathed, a note of satisfaction in her tone, and closed the panel until it fitted snugly in its place.
A red-faced barrel of a boy did all the holding, one hand round the wrist, the other palm to palm, and his knees braced up against the panel.
We lifted the plucky fellow into Raffles's place in the pantry, locked the door on him, and put the key through the panel.
On'y he'll lave the panels out o' th' doors sometimes, eh, Seth?
The panel was asked whether routine mammograms could prolong the lives of women in their 40s.
This neglect persists largely because many elderly individuals and many primary-care physicians regard depression as a normal part of aging, the panel concludes.
The panel said women in that age group must make up their own minds, but added that there was as yet no overwhelmingly persuasive evidence that regular breast X-rays for healthy women under 50 would save lives.
The panel of 15 astronomers, appointed by the National Research Council, spent two years considering hundreds of projects and consulted nearly 1,000 astronomers.
The panel said the Pentagon's refusal until a few months ago to finance research into the long-term health effects of low-level exposure to chemical agents ``has done veterans and the public a disservice.
In addition to its ultra-thin LED backlight technology that can raise the brightness of the panel to 400 nits1 (cd/m2), LG.
The Notice indicates that the Listing Qualifications Panel (the "Panel") hearing this matter will consider the details set forth in the Notice in rendering a determination regarding the Company's continued listing on the Nasdaq Capital Market and provides the Company with an opportunity to present its views to the Panel with respect to the Notice by no later than September 27, 2006.
Many big-sized TFT manufacturers have transferred the production lines (below the 4th generation) into medium-small sized panel manufacturing, therefore decreasing the price of medium-small sized panels and accelerating the panel applications in medium-small sized products.
System performance is also optimized to manage large-scale deployments; the Panel Management system can accommodate large-scale panels numbering in the millions, while the high-performance survey engine enables high-volume throughput exceeding 250,000 surveys/hour.
Ian Martin, who is a Senior Telecommunications Analyst at ABN AMRO, Australia, and is also a member of the panel for a second year.
The panel is available with 110-type punch down blocks or RJ45 connectors on the rear to facilitate a clean installation, and two rows of RJ45 connectors on the front of the panel for patch cord connections.