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the 2nd smallest continent (actually a vast peninsula of Eurasia)

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an international organization of European countries formed after World War II to reduce trade barriers and increase cooperation among its members

the nations of the European continent collectively

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This European subsidiary serves as a regional platform for Byblos Bank's activities in the old continent.
5% this and next year, which puts Macedonia among top five countries in the Old Continent to have the highest economic growth.
Al-Riyadh newspaper pointed out that Beijing has led global growth in the past decade, so there is no doubt that the next wave of growth must be monitored from the largest continent, since the old continent is not able to advance, nor the United States of America can do so and or from Africa which is sinking in the dark in front of prospective glimmer of light.
The attitude of the old continent which still debates whether those fleeing their homes are migrants, refugees, asylum seekers or something else is changing.
The vehicle is to arrive across the Old Continent next month, but pricing information has not been published yet.
Provoked by the migrant crisis Golgotha, Dimitar Culev in Utrinski vesnik comments that they flee from wars, violence, poverty and hunger, and in the Old Continent they have been facing walls which disregard humanity, liberty and democracy, the right to asylum and the right to safe life.
Jeune Afrique went on to add that the vehicles manufactured for Europe should be adapted to the standards of the old continent, and will therefore be more expensive.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A book co-authored by two of the world's leading intellectuals and sociologists, Edgar Morin and Mauro Ceruti, describes Europe as trapped between metamorphosis and disintegration, arguing that as such, the old continent cannot go on.
Moreover, the outcome of the referendum is expected to be felt in the rest of Europe notably France, Germany and Spain to the extent that some observers are speaking about a potential balkanization of the old continent.
They show how the movement was restricted to literature and the Old Continent at first, but spread across the Atlantic and found fertile ground for expression that drew from the European Gothic tradition and enriched it with new themes and strong local flavors.
Europolitics Energy talked to two young businessmen, who both founded successful ICT startups, and do not share the same opinion on business opportunities on the old continent.
Europolitics talked to two young businessmen, who both founded successful ICT startups, and do not share the same opinion on business opportunities on the old continent.
That was the case in the first four races outside Europe and nothing has changed now we are back on the old continent," he said.
With that in mind, some independent agencies in the old continent are looking for business elsewhere.
The exhibition was opened by Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, who stressed on that occasion that the manuscripts represented a Macedonian cultural stake in the process of globalization, establishing closer cultural connections between the peoples of the old continent and beyond.