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a large territory in northwestern Canada

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"The main issue is that most of the regulatory authorities established in the Northwest Territories were set up with agreements with the First Nations and their land claims.
This announcement is the culmination of the Building On Success: New Directions for Mine Training in the Northwest Territories project.
DIAND consulted with the Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resource, the Geological Survey of Canada and the N.W.T.
The following table indicates the 2019-20 federal GTF allocation and Budget 2019 top-up amount for the Northwest Territories' communities.
* Bill 33: Appropriation Act (Infrastructure Expenditures), 2018-2019, which authorizes the Government of the Northwest Territories to make appropriations for infrastructure expenditures for the 2018-19 fiscal year.
The modern mining industry in the Northwest Territories is heavily based on diamonds.
She held many professional appointments, including President of the American Anthropological Association (1985-87), Chairman of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1978), consultant to Justice Thomas Berger during the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (1975-76), and Advisor to the Indian Brotherhood of the Northwest Territories (today the Dene Nation) in land-claim research in 1974, to name just a few.
If these explorations should sound familiar, it is because properties owned by BRDC and in joint venture with Charles Fipke, the discoverer of the Ekati Mine in the Northwest Territories, surround De Beers' Victor diamond play.
About 28,000 people living in Nunavut, Quebec and the Northwest Territories speak Inuktitut, which existed as an oral language for thousands of years until Anglican priest Rev.
YELLOWKNIFE -- Many tenants in public housing will see a rent decrease under a new common assessment tool for housing and income assistance, according to the Northwest Territories government.
The Northwest Territories has received the first of two $8.25 million annual installments of the federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF), along with a top-up of $16.5 million, made available through Budget 2019.
Following prorogation in December, 2015, the 18th Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories commenced its Second Session on February 18, 2016, with Commissioner George L.
These chemical concentrates will be produced from two hydrometallurgical facilities: a sulphuric acid bake plant planned for the Northwest Territories and a second cracking plant, which is presently contemplated to be co-located with the separation plant, as it also requires hydrochloric acid and caustic soda.
Calhoun says this is the first such survey done in Ontario, although similar ones have been done in Australia and the Northwest Territories.
Nonetheless, fecal analysis has provided insight into the feeding patterns of remote populations of grizzly bears from Alaska (Linderman, 1974), Yukon Territory (Pearson, 1975; Nagy et al., 1983a), the Mackenzie Mountains (Miller et al., 1982), and the Inuvialuit region of the Northwest Territories (Nagy et al., 1983b; Clarkson and Liepins, 1989).