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a watch during the night (as from midnight to 8 a

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So you only need to pay the nightwatch for 27 days each month, amounting to another 10 per cent in savings.
As an annual visitor to Amsterdam, I have spent many hours at the Rijksmuseum and stood before Rembrandt's most famous painting, familiarly known as The Nightwatch.
Visit Anne Frankhuis Rembrandt's masterpiece The Nightwatch is in Rijksmuseum
Coun Lambert welcomed the Nightwatch service but called for it to be expanded further.
The Masterpieces, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Until 31 December It features The Nightwatch (left).
Kingston Plantation features a variety of dining and entertainment options including the casually elegant Azalea's Oceanfront Cafe (where stunning, panoramic views are served daily); Omaha Steakhouse, Splash Beach Club, and the Nightwatch Lounge.
Their shock tactics and love of epic overdrive comes to the fore on The Nightwatch, but Carousel struggles to encompass their odd blend of punk sneer and violin firepower.
This is called The Nightwatch but it's no like any nightwatch a've seen, pal.