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the moment in a bullfight when the matador kills the bull

a crucial moment on which much depends

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It is only with such tools that we can reduce the variance factor and trust that at the moment of truth every employee can be a top performer.
After concealing the severe crop beneath a baseball cap, the 24-year-old England midfielder postponed the moment of truth until minutes before kick-off.
Last night as tributes poured in from the world of showbusiness, millions watched Cilla host The Moment of Truth show - with viewers unaware her beloved Bobby had died hours before.
Until the moment of truth, the rodent remains imprisoned in a place inimical to its ratly nature, with little hope that God's grace can save it.
Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov faced the moment of truth 15 years ago in a Soviet early-warning control centre, it emerged in a Russian magazine yesterday.
But before the moment of truth arrives, make sure you test the equipment and the software appropriately.
THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT" WAS Flip Wilson's comic alibi when the moment of truth arrived.
The point is to apply all of these rules routinely at the point of decision and to have a mechanism for getting them there at the moment of truth.
THE moment of truth arrives for Walsall trialists Patrick Suffo and Chris Palmer when they face Wolves at the Banks's Stadium tonight (7.
The show will then host an open house March 5, when potential buyers will visit, which for the Hams, will be the moment of truth.
But the moment of truth for the famous dieters has finally arrived and they prepare themselves for the last weigh- in as they clamber onto the scales of truth one last time.
Metsu said: "We came as a small team and what we have done has been wonderful, but the moment of truth is here.
There are 12 games to go now - and between now and Easter is the moment of truth, " he declared.
We call it the moment of truth, and what we do during the next few seconds will write the memory we carry for years to come.
Lots of tuna drama in that one but no down and dirty sex acts, which is, of course, the standard template for any lesbian film: laborious courtship that lasts the whole damn movie; lots of long walks in the woods and deep conversations about arts and crafts; at least one stealthy late-night visit to the sleeping love-object's boudoir, where yet more silent mooning is done and no hoochie had; and finally the moment of truth, when our little Tristan and Too Olde exchange therapists and call it a day.