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a Scottish church

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The Kirk I observed for the next eight years left me sure that when Labour won the 1972 election there would be no tour.
For independents who desire something outside of the Kirk & Kirk brand, the team would strategically review the company's existing collections to ultimately provide a bespoke collection for the practice.
The Kirk Douglas Continuation School in Northridge also receives regular donations.
The splits in the kirk, culminating in the Disruption of 1843, meant that the church could not effectively organize relief (although she refutes R.
The KIRK System is based on the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, providing advantages such as unique voice quality, seamless handover between base stations, and calls that cannot be hacked.
The Kirk Papers in Archives New Zealand have a substantial collection of files full of clippings from Australian newspapers covering the years from 1960 to Kirk's death.
It was of the utmost importance for the kirk to identify real, but irregular or clandestine, marriages through documentation.
The Kirk Shares voted to withhold regarding the proposed director slate and voted in favor of the proposed independent accountant.
Sevan may be alone on stage (her performance is part of the four-play ``Solomania'' festival at the Kirk Douglas Theatre), but ``Taking Flight'' is no two-persona play.
The second chapter sets out, on the basis of Kirk's actions while prime minister, the case for the Kirk brand being our best.
The Kirks took Felix to the vets for preliminary checks and discovered he is six to eight years old.