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the spiritual domain over which God is sovereign

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As Kuzmic noted, the church fulfills its mission by reflecting both the "already" and the "not yet" of the kingdom of God (38).
I raise the question and offer the image of the church as God's show home for the Kingdom of God in this Leadershift column aware of the anxiety that's brewing about the upcoming General Assembly.
In its dynamic meaning, the kingdom of God is God himself .
The United Church for the Kingdom of God had distributed brochures to the public which included a timetable for its alleged healing sessions.
Its mission is to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God and make disciples from among those whom God calls.
Where is there a connection with the Christian church and its mission to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth?
Such accusation of biblical hypocrisy becomes the thread for the entire book in Christian America and the Kingdom of God, where it now emerges, not just from minority voices, but from a systematically developed standard of biblical Christianity.
The kingdom of God and the son of man; a study in the history of religions.
There is a great contrast between the prominence of the Kingdom of God in the Prophets and Writings on the one hand, and the paucity, indeed almost total absence, of the concept in the Torah.
Richard Hughes's critique, Christian America and the Kingdom of God, is, for the most part, a work in the same vein.
He accomplishes the latter by offering both an extended hermeneutic of Jesus' two great commandments to love God and to love others and also an explanation of how these two commandments affect one's understanding of a poetics of the Kingdom of God.
Heaven on Earth" is a compelling call for believers to join with others in the advance the Kingdom of God while reaping a great end-time harvest of souls.
He taught that this was how one lived in the Kingdom of God.
The kingdom of God is like kudzu, like Scotch broom, like morning glories, like dandelions.
BRANSON, MO Jack Urbec entered the Kingdom of God on May 25, 2008, after a courageous fight against cancer.