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United States puppeteer who created a troupe of puppet characters (1936-1990)


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She served on the board of the Jim Henson Foundation, which promotes the art of puppetry.
According to the statement, Jane also helped recruit many of the top puppeteers at the Jim Henson Company.
It seems fitting that, as we celebrate 30 years of this great property, we have the opportunity to give it new life in a relevant and engaging way via these enhanced story app experiences," said Melissa Segal, Executive Vice President, Global Consumer Products for The Jim Henson Company.
The Jim Henson Company signed a seven-year lease for 12,000 s/f on a portion of the fourth floor at 37-18 Northern Blvd.
It's such a treat to get to know Jim Henson through his doodles and drawings, his puppets and his fantastic performances," said Karen Falk, curator of the exhibition and the archivist at the Jim Henson Company.
The visuals, which aren't the clearest things ever filmed either, come courtesy of the Jim Henson Co.
The deal under which The Jim Henson Company agreed to sell all rights to The Muppets and "Bear in the Big Blue House" to Disney, when completed, marks the culmination of a 15-year process that began with Jim Henson himself negotiating with Disney before his death in 1990.
The Walt Disney Co, which has itself just rebuffed an offer from cable television company Comcast, has bought the franchise from The Jim Henson Co for an undisclosed sum.
Michael Eisner's long-standing passion and respect for the Muppets gives me and my family even more confidence in Disney as a partner,' said Brian Henson, who with his sister Lisa is co-chairman and co-chief executive officer of The Jim Henson Co.
In 2000, the Germany EMTV and Merchandising AG announced they were buying The Jim Henson Company for $US680m.
The two met Jim Henson at a puppeteer gathering in 1961, and soon after, Juhl joined the Jim Henson Company.
said Wednesday that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of ``The Muppet Show'' and ``Bear in the Big Blue House'' properties from the Jim Henson Co.
Munich based EM TV and Merchandising is buying the Jim Henson Company, creator of the American icons.