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the third person in the Trinity

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A peacemaker can only be inspired by the Holy Spirit who is the source of all goodness.
Part One describes and defines the Scriptural, historical, and theological, perspectives of six different positions taken on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Erno Diaz with the College of the Holy Spirit Alumni Foundation Inc.
The Holy Spirit is a worthy focus for this investigation rather than the entire Godhead since, for reasons I will consider below, our frequent assumptions concerning the nature of the activity of the Spirit seem to make it very dissimilar to the process of psychological growth.
There have been movies and musicals about God and Jesus, but not about the Holy Spirit.
One fine day I readied myself to take Baptism, where the priest dipped me in the water three times and when I came out of water I looked up to see the Holy Spirit as I read in the Bible, but I could not see anything.
The two New Testament readings speak clearly of the Holy Spirit as something distinct.
The members of the Christian community are then called to a renewed appreciation for the role of the Holy Spirit so that we realize that we are called to be living witnesses to the reign of God.
Gilberte Desilets, DHS, 102, a member of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit died on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at the Holy Spirit Provincial House where she had been in retirement since 2001.
He provides useful systematic organization of complex issues and materials as well as helpful summaries of theologians, indicating major advances and questions around their approaches to the person, experience, and effects of the Holy Spirit.
The holy chrism, especially in the Eastern traditions, has always been connected with imparting the Holy Spirit to the newly baptized.
The Old Friend is the One Jesus described as the Holy Spirit.
Why doesn't the Anglican church avidly celebrate Pentecost, and its important encounter with the Holy Spirit, with the same fervour as the mega-feasts of Christmas and Easter?
Therefore, as a pastor wearing the spectacles of a theologian, I will try to explain to you how practising Pentecostal lay ministers consider the importance of the Holy Spirit in mission.
The Lord is the spirit; the Holy Spirit and the divine attributes.