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(Greek mythology) group of 3 to 7 nymphs who guarded the golden apples that Gaea gave as a wedding gift to Hera


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With the apples of the Hesperides behind his back, Tetrode's tautly posed strongman quivers with dynamic energy, caught in a moment of reflection (estimate $1.
The commentary notes on the print poems in Volume 1 appear at the end of Volume 2, otherwise dedicated to the manuscript poems, but both the Hesperides collations and the fine thirty-two-page essay on Hesperides's printing and publishing history are tucked at the back of Volume 1 as appendices, potentially leaving a reader unfamiliar with that history baffled (for example) by the separate title page for His Noble Numbers in the text of the poems, as the relation between Hesperides and Noble Numbers is nowhere explained in the introduction.
Petkov has revealed that on Friday, after waiting for two days for a calmer ocean and weather, the crew of the Hesperides, Spain's main Antarctic support vessel, decided to pick up the nine Bulgarian scientists from the Livingston Island, where the Antarctic bases of both Bulgaria and Spain are located, in order to transfer them to the King George Island so that the Bulgarians could make it to their flight to South America.
During the fourth leg of the voyage, from Cape Town to Perth--where one of the expedition's two ships, the Hesperides, docked in March--the scientists collected around 4000 chemical and biological samples from as deep as 4000 metres.
276-85) There he sets smaragdi flowering with mysterious fire, and adamant hammered into figures of evil omen, the eyes of the Gorgon, the ashes left on his Sicilian anvil from the most recent thunderbolt, and the crests that gleam on the brows of green dragons; here he sets the doleful fruit of the Hesperides and the fearful gold of Phrixus's fleece.
Racing around the celestial hippodrome, Helios slips down the homestretch and crosses the finish line in the land of the Hesperides, which Mimnermus located in the far west.
Called Garden of the Hesperides tazza, it was modelled with four naked female figures - the Hesperides - who according to Greek mythology, tended the orchard where the immortality-giving golden apples grew.
Draco represents the dragon that guarded the golden apples in the Garden of the Hesperides and lies with one of the feet of Hercules, its slayer, firmly planted upon its head.
Classical writers linked the Canaries with the Garden of the Hesperides, the Elysian Fields, and even the lost continent of Atlantis.
Shall I alone Walk through the orchard of the Hesperides And cowardly not dare to pull an apple?
The myth from which the eponymous canvas takes its name comes from the most difficult labor of Heracles, to find the Garden of the Hesperides and to make off with the golden fruit of immortality, the wedding gift to Hera from Gaea.
Within these genealogies she distinguishes, in the classical line, between characteristics of visions of the Golden Age and the attributes of mythological locales such as the Hesperides.
120) and The Goddess of Discord Choosing the Apple of Contention in The Garden of The Hesperides (pl.
Through it all, as audience or actor, we nod ourheads sagely, or shake them in sorrow, and know that in spite we are fated to square the circle, come at the Hesperides, and live both happily and forever.