The Great Charter

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the royal charter of political rights given to rebellious English barons by King John in 1215

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We need to be alert to this danger; it has happened more than once in interpreting the clauses of the Great Charter.
Although most of the intentions of the barons in forcing John to agree to Magna Carta concerned their narrow self-interest, over the next several centuries, the Great Charter was used in later assertions of limited government and individual rights.
The Great Charter unified rebels with differing interests.
Middlesbrough will host The Great Charter JOHN ATTLE
In general, across the country there is a deafening silence on the part of our spiritual leaders about the great charter of love and life called HV.
MOST STUDENTS OF ENGLISH history know that King John's barons forced him to grant Magna Carta, the great charter of liberties that placed the English king under the law.
THE great charter school experiment that's turning into a successful learning lab is ready to expand.
British constitutional history, Magna Carta, the great charter.
There remained centuries of struggle--both armed and otherwise--to lead us to where we stand today, but in 1215 this general theme found voice in a number of the terms of the Great Charter.
Young people rehearsing for the performances of The Great Charter Young people rehearsing for the performances of The Great Charter TWO of the region's cathedrals - one Anglican, one Roman Catholic - will host twin premieres of a new operatic work in the spirit of the Magna Carta.
It is now the theme of The Great Charter, a new community opera created by North Yorkshire-based composer Timothy Craig Harrison and librettist Paul Hodgson, which will be performed at both Durham and Middlesbrough cathedrals.
The Local Government Association is currently doing its best to link its own devolution struggles with an over-powerful central government to those of the 13th century rebel barons with their tyrannical but cash-strapped King - and with some justification, for there's considerably more in the Great Charter pertaining to local government than is sometimes recognised.
Composer Timothy Craig Harrison and librettist Paul Hodgson have created The Great Charter, an opera spread across two periods in time - that of King John and a futuristic period.
This year is the 35th anniversary of the great charter of life and love called "Humanae vitae.
Holt also wrote the best book on the Great Charter of 1215, and has now produced a second edition of Magna Carta.