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(Jewish folklore) an artificially created human being that is given life by supernatural means

a mechanism that can move automatically

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For middle-grade readers, there is 2009's Clay Man: The Golem of Prague by Irene N.
The final hundred pages are devoted to retellings such as Tam Lin (British), the Golem of Prague (Jewish), and Maui Snares the Sun (Polynesia).
The Jewish fairy tale The Golem of Prague provides one of the finest examples of this synthesis of history, culture and religion in its hero the Rabbi Judah Ben Loewe, (2) known as the Maharal.
Bound together in the Jewish cultural psyche, the Maharal and the Golem of Prague are unique figures in Jewish folklore.
Given this, it is a tribute to the Maharal and the incredibly high esteem he was held in by both Jews and non-Jews that the Golem of Prague has become solely his creation.