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a narrow republic surrounded by Senegal in West Africa

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The Government of The Gambia will present the NDP to participants and exchange views on how they can support the country's transition to a democratic state and rebuild its.
Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow, the First Lady of The Gambia and me, appreciate these strong women and encourage them to establish their own business and become independent.
Bantaba is going back to the Gambia where it originated from.
The Agreement will also extend the cooperation with The Gambia to Trade Development programs for poverty reduction by providing technical and/or financial support for capacity building, Information exchange and knowledge dissemination.
The EASO COI Country Focus report on The Gambia provides general background information on The Gambia, namely on geography, population, ethnic and religious groups, political and the judicial systems, together with the human rights situation in the country during the administration of Yayah Jammeh.
Chairman PCSIR assured his full cooperation in the identified areas and marked this event as the new beginning in relations and cooperation between Pakistan and Republic of the Gambia.
The book consists of twelve chapters; the first two cover Faye's early life and career as a founder-teacher and master of the school in Kristi-Kunda (Christ's village), a remote Gambian village that was part of a brave but largely unsuccessful plan by Anglican Bishop John Daley to Christianize the Upper River regions of the Gambia still largely untouched by Islam at that time.
Once touted as an oasis of democracy and good governance during its first 30 years of independence from the United Kingdom on 18 February 1965, The Gambia has experienced authoritarian rule and human rights violations since Yahya Jammeh came to power in 1994.
nights The Gambia is on the same time zone as the UK and flights are just six hours, making the country a perfect winter sun destination without the worry of jet lag.
The Gambia became independent from the United Kingdom in 1965.
The students spent a week in The Gambia, teaching the four to six-yearolds.
USPRwire, Fri Sep 18 2015] The report provides insights into the governance, risk and compliance framework pertaining to insurance industry in the Gambia including:
Media reports last week quoted a statement released by the office of the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh saying "the government reminds all that homosexuality is totally against the religious, cultural and traditional values of the Gambia and would thus not be tolerated".
The Gambia achieved independence on 18 February 1965, as a constitutional monarchy within the Commonwealth.
The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust held their annual show in December to reward owners for providing the best care for their working horses, donkeys and mules.