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(Greek mythology) the abode of the blessed after death


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Later in the play, our version of paradise, the Elysian Fields, was filled with famous works of art.
The juxtaposition of the Underworld and the Elysian Fields with "the mortal realm" of modern-day Virginia is captivating.
Pardue's artistic expression and references in the exhibition, 'The Elysian Fields' is captured in dramatic, large-scale compositions that highlight her bold spectrum of color and range of depth.
Lang may yer lum reek afore ye take a pick o grass in the Elysian Fields.
At age 44, my wife and I are about equally distant from the halcyon days of college and the Elysian fields of retirement and common sense says that we should spend the next 20 years consolidating and slowing growing our meager nest egg, not taking on a 30-year mortgage when we have only ten or so years left on our current one.
Essays discuss his early career as a printer; his career in comparison to novelist Laurence Sterne; his principles concerning freedom of the press; the intellectual, social and cultural context of his life; critical reception of his works; the place of fatherhood in his autobiography; the reactions of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Wright to his legacy; his work in medical electricity as a precursor to electroshock therapy; his short work "The Elysian Fields"; his memoir; and other topics.
Mr Crompton, who also led the Health and Safety Executive's investigation into the Elysian Fields crane crash in 2007, told the Daily Post: "It is going to be a pretty slow, painstaking, careful business and, of course, what we take away is evidence.
Fortunate Isle 3.00 Market Rasen The Fortunate Isles was one of the terms given to the resting place for the souls of heroes and worthy mortals in Greek and Celtic mythology, akin to the Elysian Fields. Their location is uncertain, although many believe the Canary Islands or Madeira archipelago to be a geographical match.
Rice then follows him to prison and from there to the Elysian Fields after his execution.
HOBOKEN, N.J.: Although the first game between two organized baseball clubs was held on June 19, 1846, at the Elysian Fields in New Jersey, the first documented phenomenon of the seventh-inning stretch, apparently, did not happen until 1869.
But when Hades morphed into the Elysian Fields there was no noticeable change--none of the pure skies about which Orfeo sings--leaving many to think that his adored wife had been doomed to hell rather than heaven.
"Mission Statement of the Elysian Fields Quarterly," Elysian Fields Quarterly 11, no.
The two pieces designated in the title constitute a pseudo-correspondence: Jean d' Auton composes a letter from Hector, one of the neuf preux and accredited Trojan ancestor of the French, now safely reposing in the Elysian fields, to his descendant, the 'heroic' Louis XI I, currently embroiled in his Italian campaigns, and Jean Lemaire joins in the game by penning a rather more witty reply from Louis.
Gehrig had already died on June 2, 1941, and was playing baseball on the Elysian Fields, if anywhere, after Pearl Harbor.
This latter part of the gardens is one of the most important works by the artist architect William Kent (1685-1748), and is based upon an allegorical essay by Joseph Addison in The Tatler in 1709, describing the Elysian Fields, the Heaven of the ancient world.
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