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Sun-shrooms may take a little more time, but they do yield sun power more frequently than the sunflowers in the Dark Ages.
The act was attributed to him as an individual and all the rest of Norwegians were not condemned as intolerant and living in the dark ages.
It could even be further evidence that the Dark Age Kingdom of Rheged, thought to have been located somewhere between Wales and Ayrshire, may actually have been in Dumfries and Galloway," he said.
Snooker was huge in the 80s and 90s but has been stuck in the dark ages.
With meteorological technology and forecasting still relatively in the dark ages at that time, people were ill-prepared for the immensity of the Great Hurricane of 1938.
Hydrogen from the Dark Ages left its fingerprints on a variety of bright beacons from that early era, including the afterglow of gamma-ray bursts.
Yet the insurance industry seems to be moored somewhere in the dark ages of best practices when it comes to how to satisfy any given customer.
patents per capita from 1790 to 1999 and a subjective list of 7,200 "significant" innovations since the end of the Dark Ages.
GARDA officers are being hampered by communications systems no better than those available in the Dark Ages.
The Dark Ages of corporate scandal--still casting their fetid shadows over corporate America--can be characterized in many ways.
No one could ever claim that Laurence McKay is stuck in the dark ages.
But a paycheck does not erase the fact that her workplace appears stuck in the Dark Ages.
The actor and archaeology enthusiast is the guinea pig who will try out The Worst Jobs In History, from the Dark Ages to the Victorian era.
Also, you had no right to talk shit about BMXers, Those guys nave been skater bros since the dark ages.