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The Dark Ages have the reputation of being a harsh, warring time when civilization went into reverse.
We don't want to go back to the dark ages John Tilley, RMT regional officer
how the Dark Ages look like in the Plants vs Zombies 2 worlds.
Even then no one called the Europeans in the dark ages.
He said that their discovery could give them the evidence to prove that rusty's Hill was a stronghold of the Dark Age Kings of Galloway.
Snooker was huge in the 80s and 90s but has been stuck in the dark ages.
The light at the end of the dark ages is almost in sight.
THE most disturbing aspect of the return to the dark ages of football hooliganism was the sight of brainless middle-aged men displaying such open anger and hatred.
In pursuit of an enhanced role for archaeology in histories of the Dark Ages we must not throw the baby out with the bath water.
If you haven't heard the buzz about Lily Allen yet, one can only assume you're still living in the dark ages of DOS prompts and dial-up.
Before we fatalistically fall into the perspective that a sane, Christian country on earth is an exercise in futility, let us reflect on the Dark Ages, before we fall into our own: the barbaric Goths were converted to Catholicism and built the Gothic cathedrals
But he still kind a lives in the Dark Ages and my uncles are all like him.
That's where Susie Schallert and dozens of other local kids with Down syndrome played while their moms talked and leaned on one another's shoulders, way back in the dark ages.
With meteorological technology and forecasting still relatively in the dark ages at that time, people were ill-prepared for the immensity of the Great Hurricane of 1938.
Hydrogen from the Dark Ages left its fingerprints on a variety of bright beacons from that early era, including the afterglow of gamma-ray bursts.