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Next, as to the manner in which the crime was committed.
Lastly, as to the person, or persons, by whom the crime was committed.
Whether the man personating a mechanic was, or was not, an accomplice in the crime, it is impossible to say.
I think Daddy Jacques did wrong to leave behind him the weapon with which the crime was committed and, as he occupied the attic immediately above Mademoiselle Stangerson's room, the builder's job ordered by the examining magistrate will give us the key of the enigma and it will not be long before we learn by what natural trap, or by what secret door, the old fellow was able to slip in and out, and return immediately to the laboratory to Monsieur Stangerson, without his absence being noticed.
The crime of murder being the most dreadful crime of all, tremendous excitement prevailed in the Emerald City when the news of Eureka's arrest and trial became known.
He turned and said: "You must have followed everything devilish close to have traced the crime to Kalon in ten minutes."
"Put it to the vote!" said one of the councillors; "the crime is manifest, and it is late."
Then the unhappy girl heard the people moving, the pikes clashing, and a freezing voice saying to her,--"Bohemian wench, on the day when it shall seem good to our lord the king, at the hour of noon, you will be taken in a tumbrel, in your shift, with bare feet, and a rope about your neck, before the grand portal of Notre-Dame, and you will there make an apology with a wax torch of the weight of two pounds in your hand, and thence you will be conducted to the Place de Grève, where you will be hanged and strangled on the town gibbet; and likewise your goat; and you will pay to the official three lions of gold, in reparation of the crimes by you committed and by you confessed, of sorcery and magic, debauchery and murder, upon the person of the Sieur Phoebus de Châteaupers.
The crimes of these men are of course relative and varied; for the most part they seek in very varied ways the destruction of the present for the sake of the better.
According to Carlos, the PNP has recorded a 20.56 percent crime reduction in index crime cases during the same period based on the data of the Crime Information Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS) of the PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM).
We compare the crime levels in four key categories across the 11 suburbs, from Perry Barr to Ladywood, Handsworth to Nechells, Birmingham city centre and Broad Street between 2009 and 2010.
This paper presents the results of a survey illustrating the seriousness of the crime of genocide, effective prosecution and punishment of the crime of genocide, victims of crimes against humanity and of genocide, the perpetration of the crime of genocide, and the specificity of the crime of genocide.
The crime data show that illegal aliens have unleashed a reign of terror that would have been considered an act of war 75 years ago.
Here, too, we are introduced to fascinating material documenting changing perceptions of evidence, as the author traces how bodies (and thus forensic medicine) came to "[define] the nature of the crime and [provide] the key proof for conviction".