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According to the reports, the circulatory system diseases are also the main causes of mortality in the working-age population.
who developed a mathematical model that predicts how the circulatory system would perform on normal-size windows.
There may be dilation of the right ventricle of the heart due to absorption of large quantities of water into the circulatory system.
3 for each), and those in the latter age-group had a reduced risk of death from diseases of the circulatory system (0.
through uptake of particles into the circulatory system or through release of soluble substances into the circulatory system); whether and how PM affects autonomic control of the heart and cardiovascular system; or whether and how lung inflammation caused by PM exposure leads to cardiovascular-related morbidity (e.
The study found children were more susceptible to deet absorption into the circulatory system.
The compressions push a small amount of blood through the circulatory system.
Since pre-natal rubella is carried by the circulatory system, virtually any physiological, neurological or vital function may be weakened.
The Micrus product line enables physicians to gain access to the brain in a minimally invasive manner through the vessels of the circulatory system.
a) 80 oksE-genaatorit children with a set of lines in the body by the circulatory system to perform:
For example, the volume on the circulatory system contains individual treatments of capillaries, veins, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and clotting, blood pressure, the lymphatic system, heart disease, and health circulation, among other topics.
Known for many years to harm the lungs, air pollution also damages the circulatory system, a study now suggests.