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a monument built to honor people whose remains are interred elsewhere or whose remains cannot be recovered


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One reader, Mr Vic Wills, also criticised council chiefs for letting organisers set up the M&D's ride on stairs of the cenotaph at Paisley Cross, following the recent remembrance commemoration.
First unveiled in 1923, the cenotaph commemorates those who died in the First and Second world wars.
Anne-Jane said on social media: "Just before 5pm, we were walking past the cenotaph at the bottom of Cromwell Road.
And while they were standing at the Cenotaph their plans to upgrade Trident - to threaten the world with nuclear missiles vastly more lethal than those they have now - are going ahead.
Led by the Lord Mayor, Cllr Roz Gladden, the service will take place at the Cenotaph on St George's Plateau, while throughout the region people will be taking part in dozens of Remembrance services.
A statement released yesterday by the corporation said the Cenotaph was "at no point" intended to feature in the segment filmed on location around central London.
Earlier, Chris Evans said footage for the new Top Gear series filmed near the Cenotaph in London is "disrespectful" and should not be broadcast.
City mayor Coun Mike Heap visited the cenotaph yesterday afternoon to see the vandalism for himself.
However, past Sinn Fein mayors have laid non-poppy wreaths at the cenotaph to mark the July 1 anniversary of the Battle of Somme.
George Cenotaph included refinishing two bronze plaques, replacing the cenotaph base and walkway, as well as purchasing and installing two black granite benches and a new memorial sign.
The cenotaph is crowned with a dome, from which a small stream of water runs to the floor.
In the shadow of the Cenotaph the Queen stood motionless with her head bowed in front of her family who stood in a line behind her.
The Runcorn service will be held at the Cenotaph, Greenway Road, Runcor n.
Linehan, who plans to visit the cenotaph Thursday, said during the meeting in Hiroshima he will consider whether to read out the message ''Let all the souls here rest in peace; for we shall not repeat the evil'' after examining it.
Devraj and Lalitya are the two offsprings of Rajmata's only son Jagat Singh who predeceased her and are unable to build the cenotaph because of the legal battle they are involved in.
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