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United States prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion for 12 years (1914-1981)

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Below is one student's initial reaction to the Robert Rigg's painting of The Brown Bomber, a painting that captures the knockout of Max Schmeling during his 1938 bout with Joe Louis (See Figure 3).
The Brown Bomber, who signed for the Reds in a 1944 publicity stunt, would probably have scored more goals, though.
Whenever Louis would cross paths with Braddock, the Brown Bomber would always greet the Cinderella Man with the same salutation: "Hello, champ." Of all the heavyweight champions Louis knew, Braddock was the only one he honored thus.
By the time the fighters are some re-matched for a 1938 bout, a slugfest that attracts the largest international radio audience in history, the Brown Bomber is the most widely celebrated black man in a segregated America.
The bell rang to end Round Six but the Brown Bomber landed devastatingly after it.
Nor can those who lived through it ever forget the euphoria -- people literally partying in the streets -- when Joe Louis, "the Brown Bomber," took a little more than two minutes to knock out Max Schmeling in their 1938 rematch.
As the brown bomber jacket-clad vice-president was briefed near the military demarcation line, two North Korean soldiers watched from a short distance away, one taking multiple photographs.
Liverpool Football Club even signed up The Brown Bomber himself, Joe Louis, as a publicity stunt during World War II.
1914: Joe Louis, heavyweight boxing champion, known as the Brown Bomber, was born in Lexington, Alabama.
TODAY is the 70th anniversary of the celebrated heavyweight world title fight between Joe 'The Brown Bomber' Louis and Wales's own Tommy 'The Tonypandy Terror' Farr.
The man who ended the Brown Bomber's career in 1951, the undefeated Rocky Marciano, stepped into the Madison Square Garden ring scaling a meagre 13st 2lbs.
JOE LOUIS: The Brown Bomber served in the US Army for four years during World War II but his biggest contribution to the war effort came before he was drafted.
The main event was the geriatric Rumble in the Tunnel at Motherwell between Rocky Boyleboa and the Brown Bomber, wee Craig.
HE'S already Britain's longest-reigning world champion - and now Joe Calzaghe is gunning for the Brown Bomber himself, Joe Louis.
1949: Joe Louis, the US world heavyweight boxing champion known as the Brown Bomber, retired at the age of 35, after a record 25 successful defences of his title.