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at or in or to the adjacent residence

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All the stuff that I've done on stage, from Joseph to Copacabana to the boy next door playing the Cliff Richard role has given me a public image with which I'm very happy.
If they wanted to hand it out to the boy next door, they'd have called it the Opie Award.
I HEARD my daughter talking to the boy next door the other day.
The teenager would also love to be like the boy next door and be a British No.
In the clip Bieber insists it's fine for fathers to let their daughters obsess over a famous pop star as it will stop them having a crush on the boy next door.
FIVE years ago our only daughter married the boy next door.
Instead, the boy next door has made a comeback in the popularity stakes, while the hunky jock is out of favour.
Jack Rumsey, four, of Thurnby, Leicester, spends each day staring over the fence at the boy next door, who always has friends round.
The drugs are supplied by the boy next door, the video-freak son of a retired Marine corps officer and his blankly depressive wife.
He's fresh but certainly not the boy next door because there's a dangerousness to that good-old-boy quality.
YOUR feelings for the boy next door are powerful enough to consider hurting her and it's no wonder you're troubled.
A popular high school student (Melissa Joan Hart) realises that the love of her life is the boy next door (Adrian Grenier) in the romantic comedy Drive Me Crazy (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, pounds 12.
Jo Caulfield, 35, didn't have to look any further than the boy next door, Chris Parsons.
A poll of 2,000 Playgirl readers found most women would gladly ditch classic good looks in favour of the boy next door.
He's the boy next door, who loves his family, and needs others to love him.