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Historians have not yet truly come to terms with the weaknesses of that muddled era of centralisation and Thatcherite socialism.
But on the day of the former Prime Minister's funeral, Cameron told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "In a sense we are all Thatcherites now.
To suggest that Britons are all Thatcherites now is not to ignore the fact that Lady Thatcher was a doughty, confrontational figure.
When it comes to being a Thatcherite, you're on your own, son
There's things about our society that need to change as well, so I certainly don't consider myself to be a Thatcherite," he said, "and there are lots of people in the country who don't consider themselves to be Thatcherite either.
So less of the Thatcherite nonsense blame culture, there is no money left in the Government coffers - as the exiting Labour Chancellor left on a note.
The Thatcherite assumption, in other words, was that government failure is far more menacing to prosperity than market failure.
When it comes to economics, Redwood is portrayed by Labour as that evil creature, a Thatcherite.
I wish Blair would drop the 'new Labour' and simply call them ' Blairites' which is a lot worse than Thatcherites, it seems
DAVID Cameron sparked a storm when he declared "we're all Thatcherites now" shortly before the funeral got under way.
Has it never occurred to this lady why the ruling elite Thatcherites and the current old Etonians at Westminster play the divide and rule game, thus abusing her naivety?
His Government, showing further signs that they are Thatcherites in a badly concealed disguise, have sold off large parts of the postal service to private companies