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Synonyms for Thanatos

(Greek mythology) the Greek personification of death

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(psychoanalysis) an unconscious urge to die

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Todos los malos deseos, envidia, crueldad, odio, descalificacion, morbosidad, se asocian a la personalidad que actua bajo Thanatos. Por el contrario, en aquellas actividades humanas elevadas, como el verdadero amor, la caridad, la tolerancia, la solidaridad, desear hijos, educarlos, en general lo "bueno", esta presente Eros.
El cuento concluye entonces en un abrazo que es, en realidad, un doble movimiento: el de Eros que se aferra a Thanatos, el de Thanatos detenido en Eros.
While the other type is Thanatos which are contradictory with Eros and deals with the extinction of life.
Eros is the life force from which was derived the word erotic, while Thanatos is the death drive, the demonic representation of death in ancient Greek mythology.
Thanatos is the latest strain of malware that has been discovered in the underground hacking market, which sports the ability to delete competing malware from infected targets.
Antigone's driving force is 'thanatos' as is evident in Sophocles and Anouilh respectively.
It is a striking photo, featuring naked male and female bodies arranged to form a skull, such that life and death, Eros and Thanatos, are inseparable, even interchangeable--impossible to distinguish.
Eros and Thanatos are thus bound together in a Gordian knot.
But what does the Greek motto Eleutheria i thanatos stand for?
The straightforward meaning of the word is "dying well," from the Greek eu (well) and thanatos (death).
skittering across the driveway say: Thanatos! Thanatos!
His beloved Suzuki motorcycle has been dubbed "Thanatos," which he felt was "appropriate after what I'd done in the war."
As a follow-up to 2010's Late Love, this is a good - but not great - offering that ranges from post-hardcore influences in the early stages to touches of Mastodon-esque prog on the closer, Thanatos Wins Again, buoyed by Lars Kristensen's vocals.
Set in modern day Savannah, Georgia, the story starts off with main character Thanatos, a lone mohawk sporting conspiracy theorist who believes that one day the world will be taken over by zombies.
Video of Ruusa Ntinda (2003, 'Maturwisa' project), Valerie Tjirimuje (2003, 'Isolation' and 2004 'Eros and Thanatos'), Loide Imasa (2008, 'A crack in the wall') and Elizabeth Katjiveri (2007, Outjo youth group) allowed the audiences to learn from their experience.