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a specialist in the history of the Teutonic people or language (especially with respect to the Teutonic influence on the history of England)

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The "idealists," led by John Burgess of Columbia University, argued that the American Constitution had "perfected the Aryan genius for political civilization" by "emancipating it from the remaining prejudices of European Teutonism.
Pesach/Passover gradually became Easter (another Teutonism - note Pascua in Italian), and Christians after much discussion no longer scrupulously followed rabbinic dating in observing the biblical mandate for the now-reinterpreted feast.
seems to function as a vehicle to reinstate the connection of the English to the Hellenic by means of the racial category of the Indo-Germanic, recalling both the classical learning and the long-prized Teutonism of his father" (220).
More generally, the racist cliches of late nineteenth-century social thought are absent - those complements of anti-Semitism such as Anglo-Saxonism, Teutonism, Aryanism.
I can, in fine, devote myself utterly to ancestor worship or to that other worship that illumines my sunset years: the Teutonism of England and Iceland.
20) This took the form of deriving everything "English" from a Saxon heritage, and eventually made possible the full-blown Teutonism that eventually dominated English historical and political discourse in the nineteenth century.