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someone (especially a German) who speaks a Germanic language

a member of the ancient Germanic people who migrated from Jutland to southern Gaul and were annihilated by the Romans

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(4) This period roughly represents what Christopher Teuton (Cherokee Nation) calls "mode-three criticism," wherein scholars articulate "a process of culture-building by imagining the place of critical scholarship within Native communities and by providing terms that may be used to create a space for the articulation of Native epistemologies within academia but are accessible and informative to mainstream audiences." (5)
But he proposed entirely altering them for the serious-minded Teuton."
The tubby Teuton has been the subject of several TV documentaries as he jets in from Duisburg every weekend to watch his beloved team.
Now that the first German has gone, it is time for the No.2 Teuton to pack his bags too.
The compact sports saloon sector is pretty well sewn up by BMW with its 3-Series, Audi and the A4 and fellow Teuton Mercedes which boasts the C-Class.
Ferguson's nimble descriptive talents were on display (his devastating reconstructions of the horrors of battle are among the best I've ever read), as was his facility for the attention-grabbing stat (it cost the Germans just $5,000 to kill an allied soldier; the much wealthier allies, meanwhile, spent $16,000 for each slaughtered Teuton).
Dictionaries translate "Germane" with "Teuton", though actually the Teutons were just one Germanic tribe among others, such as the Suevians, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vandals and Alemanni (the ancestors of today's German Swiss).
A total and utter male chicken-up which unhappily reinforces the stereotype of the coldly calculating Teuton without a soul while at the same time subverting his reputation for flawless efficiency.
Celt and Latin, Slav and Teuton, Greek and Syrian, black and yellow ...
She's a rodentiaphile teuton. Given the scale and freak glamour of her DIA installation, Rattenkonig (Rat king, 1993), she tries hard to make the most of them as icons.
The German government strongly supports the media industry, and nearly every Teuton region has its own film commission.
It is also looking to increase the number of national distributors that sell its kitchens, including Neil Hemingway Design in Huddersfield and Teuton & Co in Belfast.