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The most speciose groups are the Tettigonioidea (34.7%), followed by Grylloidea (29.2%), and Tetrigoidea (18.1%).
La subfamilia Phaneropterinae representa actualmente una de las cuatro subfamilias de Phaneropteridae (Ensifera: Tettigonioidea) (Mugleston et al., 2013; Heller et al., 2014; Braun, 2015).
It is thus not surprising that intensifying the research on the Tettigonioidea fauna of Pakistan reveals many new taxa and records.
Systematic study on the various Tribes of Phaneropterinae (Tettigonioidea: Orthoptera) occurring in Pakistan.
katydids; Orthoptera: Tettigonioidea) were collected by searching, by light trapping or acoustically.
2015): (i) Grylloidea, (ii) Tettigonioidea, (iii) Pyrgomorphoidea, (iv) Acridoidea, and (v) Stenopelmatoidea.
Bey-Bienko GY (1962) Results of the Chinese-Soviet zoological-botanical expeditions to south-western China 1955-(1957) New or less known Tettigonioidea (Orthoptera) from Szechuan and Yunnan.
Mating behavior of Letana inflata, a duetting phaneropterine bush-cricket species with unusual male genitalic organs (Orthoptera: Tettigonioidea: Phaneropteridae).
Description of some new Orthoptera from the Indo-Malayan region (Tettigonioidea).
Research on the fauna and systematics of the superfamily Tettigonioidea (Orthoptera) in China [in Russian].
Phaneropterinae is the largest subfamily within the bush-crickets/ katydids (Tettigonioidea), with about 2451 species, and with a world-wide distribution.
acoustic communication, duet, hearing, stridulation, female response, population density, Tettigonioidea
One species of cockroach (Blattodea), four species of mantis (Mantidae), and 110 species of grasshoppers (Acridoidea) and long-horned grasshoppers (Tettigonioidea) were recorded in the region, and they account for 60% of total orthopteran insect species recorded in Mongolia (Chosomzhav 1977).