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paralysis of both arms and both legs

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Despite the similarities of their stories, there is one very obvious difference between Toula and Reeve: she is a woman, and more remarkably, she was the first Cypriot tetraplegic woman to have a baby, and remains, to this day, the only Cypriot tetraplegic woman to have given birth naturally, some 26 years ago.
It is an evidence-based fact that the health-related quality of life is not merely based on physical condition, but other factors like social factors, economic condition, culture and living condition also contribute to it.1 Westgren and Levi in their study identified no difference in QOL of complete and incomplete paraplegic and tetraplegic patients, respectively.
Left an incomplete tetraplegic, Mr Vaughan, from Cwmbran, sued the Ministry of Defence for up to PS8m in compensation.
The experiments were repeated over five weeks for the able-bodied test group and over six weeks for the tetraplegic group.
Promoting functional hand activities is a crucial rehabilitation goal for persons with tetraplegic spinal cord injury (SCI) [1-4].
Three of his vertebrae broke, leaving him a tetraplegic.
Tormented tetraplegic Jackson's assisted suicide was the best soap storyline of the year.
Shand Kydd's supposed difficulty is that, as a tetraplegic, he can only speak on the outward breath.
After the accident Mr James was raced to three different hospitals, and was diagnosed as a tetraplegic.
The warning follows the case last year of tetraplegic Jamie Merrett, who was left brain damaged after his life support machine was mistakenly switched off by an agency nurse.
A nurse who, through lack of training, turned off the ventilator of a tetraplegic with disastrous consequences, came from an approved agency.
The blunder was captured by a bedside camera set up because tetraplegic Jamie Merrett, 37, had become worried about the care he was receiving.
Jessica Oseland, of Bradley, Bilston, is now tetraplegic after the May 2006 crash at Moxley Park.
But the Director of Public Prosecutions decided earlier this month not to charge the parents of Daniel James, who accompanied their 23-year-old tetraplegic son to the Dignitas clinic in Zurich to allow him to die.