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This group of grouse, pheasants, and partridges (family Tetraonidae) are the only birds that can overwinter on such a coarse and low-calorie foodstuff as conifer leaves.
I asked a top vet if he could put in layman's terms the factored prognosis of such micro-organisms affecting the cellular infra-structure of the genus tetraonidae.
Reproductive behaviour in tetraonidae with special reference to males.--Viltrevy 7: 184-596.
Evolution of social organization and life history patterns among grouse (Aves: Tetraonidae).
"Born to be free" an innovatory method of restitution and protection of endangered and isolated grouse population (Tetraonidae).--Vogelwelt 134: 55-64.
Most workers have studied 3-4 yr cycles in rodents, with less attention to long cycles such as the 10-yr ones in grouse (Tetraonidae) and hares (Keith 1963).
This was the second IGS held in Asia and underscores the international interest in grouse (Tetraonidae).
Grouse, Tetraonidae, are important game species in both Eurasia and North America.