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This species is one of the most virulently poisonous of tetraodontid fishes (Halstead 1967).
Additional specialized enemies, such as the fish Arothron hispidus (a Tetraodontid or pufferfish) and Cheilinus undulatus (a Labrid fish, the giant Maori wrasse), are also known, and human involvement in the reduction of the size of their populations is also assumed to have occurred.
A reinterpretation of the mechanism of extension of tetraodontid pufferfish postcleithral apparatus, with notes on the oblique eye muscles of the Diodontidae (Plectognathi).
One of the two dolphinfish in the 651-800 mm size group contained remains of flyingfishes and the other contained tetraodontid puffers.
Eggs from Station-III (2011): Station III, Enguralids ranked first (24.22%) followed by Cluepeids (24.07%), Caranjids (14.19%), Tetraodontids (9.59%), Mugilids (6.77%), Cynoglossids (3.73%), Pristigastrids (2.94%), Scombrids (2.78%), Teraponids (2.59%), Gerreids (1.71%), Synodontids and Atherinids contributing 1.28% and 1.16 % respectively.
Similarity among nocturnal captures was high (Table 2), mostly caused by constancy frequencies in captures of tetraodontids and Bairdiella ronchus.