Teton Range

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a mountain range in northwest Wyoming

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Under the craggy ranges of the Teton Mountain Range, we met last weekend to discuss how well monetary and financial policies have worked to save the world from the worst of the crisis, having just been through the biggest economic and financial shock in 80 years.
MOUNTAIN MAN: In the Grand Teton mountain range in Montana; GOLDEN CHANCE: In the Olympic cycling stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan; IN THE ROCKIES: Highest point - Hoosier Pass in the Rocky Mountains
With Wyoming's mighty Teton Mountain Range providing a suitably Olympian background, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke eagerly preached the gospel of global economic integration.
It had been a little shy of a year since she took photos in Yellowstone National Park of the Grand Teton mountain range, steaming hot geyser pools, and Old Faithful in Wyoming.
Heather Nicole Gilreath and David Christopher Kennington exchanged wedding vows August 10, 2001, in an evening ceremony on String Lake under the Teton Mountain Range, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.