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a movable protective covering that provided protection from above

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Em portugues chamou-se lhe sempre laude (...) Tambem muitas vezes era designado com o nome latino de testudo por causa da sua semelhanca com a casca de uma tartaruga (p.
tropicalis caused respiratory infection in terrestrial turtles species (Testudo greaca and T.
aegyptium ticks, during 2009-2010, we collected 56 adult ticks from 12 Testudo graeca tortoises at a locality near the city of Aflou in Laghouat Province, Algeria.
(Conversely, the rooster was considered a symbol of good.) This demonic characterization of the turtle was pervasive enough to affect everyday speech, and the Romance descendants of tartarucha largely ousted the descendants of the classical Latin word for turtle, testudo.
Marvin Suerland had Peter Anders leading the charge from the start with Testudo in close proximity followed by the rest.
Krofel (2012) found a Hermann's tortoise (Testudo hermannf) in northern Greece that appeared to have been killed by a brown bear (Ursus arctos).
Margaritoulis, "Beach temperatures, incubation durations and estimated hatchling sex ratio for loggerhead sea turtle nests in southern Kyparissia Bay, Greece," Testudo, vol.
* Units in Testudo formation will now respond to an order to attack city gates in a City Assault battles.
Testudo holds an entry in the St Leger and will give us a clue to the strength of the Gordon Stakes form ahead of next Wednesday's Great Voltigeur.
It looks a good race and we're taking on older horses, but he's in great form and travelled over well." Brian Meehan, trainer of Testudo "he is a late-developing threeyear-old and followed his Sandown maiden win with two close-up fourth places in Newmarket and Goodwood Group 3 contests against his contemporaries.
& CARR, J.L., 2009.--A quarter millennium of uses and misuses of the turtle name Testudo scabra: identification of the type specimens of T.