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a place equipped with instruments for testing (e

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The Industrial Internet Consortium defines a testbed as "a controlled experimentation platform, conforming to an Industrial Internet Consortium reference architecture, where solutions can be deployed and tested in an environment that resembles real-world conditions.
Fujitsu designed this testbed so that multiple companies, each in their own specialized fields, can collaborate and build an ecosystem of sensors, analytic applications, and other technologies.
They cover cellular wireless standards, testbeds for measurements, experimental link-level evaluation, simulators for wireless systems, and simulation-based evaluation for wireless systems.
The Cooperative Vehicle-Highway testbed takes the development of new strategies to the next level by testing prototypes in fieldlike settings using the TOL's intelligent intersection, specially equipped vehicles, and other hardware and software components.
The Testbed Project will accept up to 28 apprentices.
The VAN testbed offers an efficient platform for technology developers to resolve issues with network applications before fielding them, said Rosie Bauer, NetOps branch chief.
Lockheed Martin broke ground in New Jersey today for a solar power testbed to support its entry into the utility-scale renewable power generation market.
The testbed EDEN system is being designed to integrate with OpenILL using a plug-in, modular architecture that will enable stand-alone implementations of the software.
The technologies demonstrated included access to building information database and dynamic building status from sensors, sensor-driven fire model using the NIST Virtual Cybernetic Building Testbed simulator, standardization of communications interface for sensors, biometrics for identification and authentication, dynamic self-organizing wireless networks for voice and data, voice over Internet, and emergency personnel localization and tracking.
Network Solutions Inc has agreed to the US Department of Commerce's request for an extension of the Shared Registration System (SRS) testbed period to August 6, 1999.
Wendell Burnette's own house and studio on the suburban edge of Phoenix is a testbed for spatial and formal experimentation.
Dark fiber testbed, part of ESnet's Advanced Networking Initiative (ANI), will enable members to test energy-efficiency innovations and radical new designs in networking technologies
The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) announces that there will be two separate submission deadlines and kickoff dates for threads of the OGC Testbed 12 Interoperability Testbed.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- GEANT and the Open source SDN Network Operating System (ONOS) community today announced they have actively deployed ONOS on GEANT's pan-European testbed network allowing researchers to define, build, test and rebuild highly scalable, high capacity virtual networks quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
The goal of the NIST Distributed Testbed for First Responders is to save lives during natural or man-made emergencies by equipping first responders with highly capable systems and gear, based on the latest technological advances.