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Terrorists versus the government: strategic interaction, support and sponsorship.
Many have seen fierce combat between terrorists and security forces from close range, subconsciously picking up hand- to- hand combat techniques.
And when we are tempted to draw a line in the sand dividing the world into freedom-loving people and diabolical monsters, we should remember to look at the plank (or bomb or secret prison) in our own eye and recall that many of the terrorists we fear and hate were begotten by antiterrorist policies that undermine our democratic freedoms.
The terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center in New York City in 1993 originally planned to use a larger bomb to bring down both towers by toppling one into the other.
The report, Maritime and Terrorism: Risk and Liability, says cruise ships and ferry lines need more protection against terrorism attacks because they meet terrorists' prerequisites for an attack: The damage would be highly visible, would kill many people, would destroy costly property and would interrupt trade.
Although administration officials repeatedly use the term "Terrorist Surveillance Program" to imply that they are only spying on known terrorists, the reverse is true.
The Coast Guard is studying passenger ferries to learn how terrorists might threaten them, the New York Times reports.
presidential election, one of the Republicans' tropes--the terrorists want Kerry to win--got some unexpected support from Russian President Vladimir Putin.
These rulers say you can end our fear of terrorism--of sudden, deadly, vicious attacks, a fear new to Americans--by drawing an enormous circle around an area of the world where terrorists come from (Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya) or can be claimed to be connected with (Iraq), and by sending in tanks andplanes to bomb and terrorize whoever lives within that circle.
More than 30 heavily-armed terrorists entered Beslan's Middle School No.
Farah's findings divide itself into nine chapters, each of which deals with different aspects of the intricate architecture of the financing of terrorists organizations.
Over the past year, terrorists have struck brutally and callously across the globe.
"Clearly, one objective of terrorists is to disrupt "business as usual" as a means of harming the economy," Abruzzo explained.
They are far more powerful than most small arms, and can strike from a distance, enabling would-be terrorists to inflict great damage at minimal risk.
The SIS report explains in details the progress of Operation Sinai 2018 and the preemptive strikes to weaken the terrorists and foild their attempts.