state-sponsored terrorism

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terrorism practiced by a government against its own people or in support of international terrorism

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BEIRUT: Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh said Lebanese banks were complying with all the international sanctions against any state or party labeled by the West as terrorist states or organizations.
Syria statements came in response to the Secretary avowal that the "Syrian regime won't endure long." "Elaraby spoke before he headed to Qatar, to the spearhead state in Syrian bloodshed, so he would present again his credentials before terrorist states and organizations seeking to demolish Syria," spokesperson of Syria's Foreign Ministry, Jihad Makdessi, said.
This report provides background on the international law doctrine of foreign State immunity and the FSIA; summarizes the 1996 amendments creating an exception to state immunity under the FSIA for suits against terrorist States; details the subsequent cases and the legislative initiatives to assist claimants in efforts to collect on their judgments; sets forth the legal and policy arguments that were made for and against those efforts; summarizes the decision in Roeder v.
Terrorist organisations and terrorist states have to be disarmed for our own safety.
North Korea cannot get loans because Washington keeps us it on its list of terrorist states.
Asked about the recent $40 bn trade deal between Moscow and Baghdad and a series of diplomatic visits to Moscow by leaders from countries the US has branded as members of the "axis of evil", Rumsfeld says: "It sends a signal across the globe that is what Russia thinks is a good thing to do, to deal with the terrorist states, to have them as their relationship developers.
allies and friends, disrupting the illegal arms acquisition networks of terrorist states, organizations and other unauthorized uses, and assisting U.S.
It is quite clear other terrorist states will be targeted.
Treasury, which will supposedly later recoup the money from the terrorist states instead of simply taking it from their frozen assets.
aid to countries that provide assistance or military equipment to terrorist states, allows U.S.
"It would not be excessive to class this country among terrorist states.
United States law, for example, does not permit trade with terrorist states, so by confining the meaning of the word terrorism to non-state actors, corporations can now continue to exploit global markets.
This is especially worrisome at a time when terrorist states are willing to pay in hard currency for nuclear materials.
Was the Soviet Union accused only of a "close relationship' with terrorist states because it is so big and powerful?
He further warned that terrorist acts in Syria and Iraq mean a major threat to the entire world, and said slow pace in fighting the terrorists in the world will result in the establishment of several terrorist states in the region and North Africa.
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