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the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature

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Alain Rodier, a one-time intelligence officer now working with the French Center for Intelligence Research, says a terrorist profile is only one minor element used to ferret out suspects and put them on the radar of security services.
This strategy of looking for locals who do not fit the typical terrorist profile had paid off before, as analyst Tarek Beltaib noted.
It is not clear that a complex terrorist profile should cause American officials to throw up their hands in desperation, rather than attempt to construct more sophisticated means of assessing possible risks.
immigration has already begun temporarily detaining Arab-Americans and Muslim Americans based on a "terrorist profile" rather than on any evidence of criminality.
I also don't fit the terrorist profile. And neither did the elderly lady next to me, who unloaded a handbag full of peppermints, embroidered hankies and recipes cut from the People's Friend.
Despite police keeping tabs on the four - who were marshalled by Dewsbury teacher Mohammed Sidique Khan, 30 - the operation was axed as they "did not fit the preconceived terrorist profile."
The agents became fixtures at Seisint's Boca Raton headquarters, helping Asher to develop a terrorist profile. The program then culled through databases, rating millions of people for terrorist potential according to a combination of factors including: age, gender, ethnicity, criminal record, credit history, how they shipped or received packages, anomalies in Social Security numbers and driver's licenses, and addresses within the vicinity of known terrorists.
The suspects themselves didn't fit any existing terrorist profile. They hung with a crowd of trendy, young Yemeni-Americans whose extravagant style of dress was clearly influenced more by MTV than by Islamic law.
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