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the behavior of a male animal that defines and defends its territory

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Herbert S, 1997 Policing Space: Territoriality and the Los Angeles Police Department (University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN)
Territoriality may also be more of an issue with intact cats, and cats often use vocal cues to express their dominion over a cherished space.
According to her, territoriality and extraterritoriality are meaningless concepts in this context, (12) precisely because modern corporations purposely operate worldwide through subsidiaries and various contractors in a web-like structure to minimize their liability.
After a compelling but perhaps over-theorized exposition of Huichol notions of territoriality, the text's three most compelling chapters present examples of Huichol claims in practice (around land disputes, struggles to preserve and limit access to sacred spaces outside of the federally recognized limits of Huichol lands, an innovative educational movement) and a particularly compelling chapter that considers the murder of the North American journalist Philip True in 1998.
Nations claiming prescriptive jurisdiction most often invoke the principle of territoriality: the nation where a crime occurs has jurisdiction to prosecute the perpetrators.
In these studies female territoriality was presumed from the exclusive use of space.
As the commissioners prepare to adopt this serious decision - on which the fate of our films is hanging, because without public support and the territoriality rules it entails our films will no longer be made - we ask them to make every effort to strike a balanced solution.
aporus showed no evidence of breeding territoriality in communal aquaria at the University of California, Los Angeles, or at Children's Aquarium at Fair Park.
(88) While the research design was imperfect, (89) the comparison illustrated the capacity of the built environment to reduce crime by altering territoriality.
For that we test the following predictions drawn from territorial hypothesis: (1) female should be iteroparous, (2) females should forage and feed more than guarding males, (3) time budget dedicated to territoriality should not change from territorial to parental males, (4) egg-clutches should be easily spotted, (5) egg-clutches should be placed on rare defendable resources.
Since the 1970s, modern territoriality has been "severely buffeted" as globalization has remade capital flows, migratory patterns, and communications structures.
The conceptual challenge that Professor Domingo raises for the reader, does hot ignore the precepts of law and territoriality that govern municipal and international law to this day.
Puffing out his dewlap in a display of proud territoriality, he adds a living dimension to our classical tradition, and is proof positive that Sarasota really does offer the perfect blend of nature and art.