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Synonyms for terror

Synonyms for terror

great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger

Synonyms for terror

an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety

a person who inspires fear or dread

the use of extreme fear in order to coerce people (especially for political reasons)

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84th Terr, Suite 200, Lenexa, KS 86214; 913/438-8700, FAX: 913/438-0695 Web site: www.
At Franklin's trial, Terr testified for the prosecution and Elizabeth Loftus for the defence.
Using allergy studies and tests as a measure of comparison, Terr adds in the article, "The immunology and pathophysiology of allergic diseases have been studied extensively in the clinic and in the laboratory by sound experimental methods, whereas the proposed mechanisms of environmental illness lack both theoretic foundation and experimental proof.
Any person who relies on a nonprescription inhaler on a daily basis should consult a physician, even if the person is getting relief from the inhaler," Terr suggests.
mom omen ent TH TH TH TH T IS IS IS IS is h th the te terr rrif if i yi ying ng THIS is the terrifying moment Carla Connor is pinned against a door as her twisted fiance prepares to attack her.
A terr itory is an area of land ruled by a particular government.
If the day is sullied at all by the terr or threat that we hope has now been eliminated, we allow the men of violence to exert a malevolent influence over our day-to-day lives.
To make reservations, send checks (with entree choice specified) by March 10, 2003, to Mary Ellen Moore, NCTM, 2416 Elite Terr.
Terr, a psychiatrist at the University of California, San Francisco, takes another approach to the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse and other traumas.